Write Emails That Sound Just Like You, Only Better, with AI

Adapting to your unique voice, Letty crafts emails that resonate with your recipients, ensuring your communications are always personal, professional, and persuasive.

  • Jessica M.Customer Service

    Letty has been a lifesaver! Crafting perfect replies used to take up so much of my day. It's incredible how much easier my workday has become.

  • Emily C.UI/UX Designer

    It's like having a brilliant partner who knows exactly what you want to say, helping you say it better. I can't imagine going back to the old way of replying emails.

  • Rajesh K.Tech Entrepreneur

    I've been using Letty for a while now, and it's impressive how the suggestions are always on point. Kudos to the team for creating such a fantastic tool!

How It Works

Smart Replies

Letty analyzes your emails and suggests contextually relevant replies. Respond faster and smarter.

  • Context-aware suggestions.
  • Drastically reduces response time
  • Continuously refines based on user preferences.

Compose with Confidence

Draft emails that impress. Letty helps you craft perfect emails every time, whether it's a pitch or a friendly catch-up.

  • Adapts tone to fit context
  • Ensures grammatically polished emails
  • Offers diverse templates for various needs

Simple, Transparent Pricing

Experience the future of email with Letty. Choose a plan that fits your needs.



$0 /month

  • 10 AI credits/mo
  • Up to 400,000 training characters
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$9 /month

  • 150 AI credits/mo
  • Up to 4,000,000 training characters
  • Priority support
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$19 /month

  • Unlimited AI credits/mo
  • Up to 10,000,000 training characters
  • Priority support
  • Early access to new features
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Why Wait? The Future of Email is Here

From customer inquiries to networking opportunities, watch how every interaction is optimized for success, with personalized suggestions that prompt positive responses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answered all frequently asked questions, Still confused? feel free to contact us.

Which email platforms does Letty support?

Currently, Letty is optimized for Gmail. More platforms like Outlook and Zoho coming soon!

Can I customize Letty's suggestions?

Yes! Letty offers a range of preferences to tailor the experience to your style.

When are my AI credits renewed?

Your AI credits are renewed at the start of every calendar month, regardless of your subscription date. For example, if you subscribe on the 15th of November, your credits will be renewed on the 1st of December.

Can Letty be trained on my website or document?

Yes, Letty can be trained using content from your website or documents to provide more personalized and relevant responses.

How do I know how many characters are in my website or documents?

Once you attach your document(s) or load your website via the Letty dashboard, you will be shown the character count of all the attached files and links.

Does Letty store my email messages?

No, Letty does not store your email messages. It solely utilizes the context from the email thread to generate replies, but none of this information is retained

How can I contact support if I have questions or need help?

Feel free to email us at support@useletty.com. Your satisfaction is our priority!